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Emergency Project

Rehabilitation Solutions for the Homes of Those Wounded in War

In light of the current emergency state in Israel and in cooperation with The Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center, we have prepared a solution to ease the long-term rehabilitation process of soldiers wounded in war. Through this joint initiative, we provide tailor-made adaptive solutions to the homes of patients as they are released from long-term hospital care for continued long-term rehabilitation. 

If you're intersted in participating in the project or donating to our cause, you can contact us or donate through our donations page.

The purpose of this project is to decrease the strain on both the healthcare and community-based support systems, as well as to increase the ease and efficacy of a smooth homecoming for long-term rehabilitation patients. Our work focuses on the initial adaptation and accessibility of patients' homes and immediate surroundings based on their individual needs. In order to ensure the utmost quality of care, we work closely with the patients' medical teams in the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center, as well as with military medical staff and the Ministry of Defense.


Prior to patient discharge, staff members from the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center notify Engineers Without Borders-Israel regarding the patients' individual accessibility needs in their home. We then operate in cooperation with the relevant community caretakers in order to aid to the best of our ability in the initial adaptation stages – installation of handholds, panic buttons, ramps, practical solutions for prolonged sheltering in bomb shelters, lowering of shelves, etc. In addition, we aid Loewenstein war-patients interested in Sabbath-respites who require minor individualized adaptive solutions at their destinations.


The estimated budget for the first 12 months of this project is $250,000, and will cover the costs of: volunteer training, logistic and professional management, equipment and materials, digital training materials, insurance coverage, etc.


Our current goal is to adapt the homes of 120 wounded IDF soldiers in our first stage of operation.

Thank you very much for your interest, I look forward to creating meaningful contributions together for those who have given their futures for our nation's safety. 


Together in prayer for peaceful days to come.

Engineers Without Borders-Israel (EWB-Israel) is an Israeli-registered not-for-profit organization, operating since 2008. Our organization provides tailor-made life-saving technological solutions for communities worldwide, with a focus on partnerships in developing countries. Our workforce is composed of student volunteers from a variety of fields, Israeli engineers, and an array of volunteers accompanied by professional mentors from both Israeli academia and industrial sectors. The work that we do is supported and sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Exterior as well as by governments, companies, and philanthropic organizations worldwide.

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